"AdZel delivers polished, committed performances of stunning new works"

- The Clarinet 

Stephanie Zelnick           Mariam Adam

"Compelling unity of sound and excellent ensemble"
- The Clarinet

With performances and masterclasses in prestigious venues and festivals around the world, including Yale School of Music, the Juilliard School, Carnegie Hall, the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, The Costa Rica Clarinet Festival, Eastman School of Music, Northwestern University, and many others, AdZel works with cutting edge composers  to create new dialogues through music. 


"Knowing and hearing Mariam and Stephanie's AdZel Duo has been a great inspiration and a delight for me and for my students when we welcomed them as guests at the Yale School of Music. These two wonderful artists combine with great skill and imagination to clearly convey a a world of expression through the joyous sound of (what's better than one....?) TWO clarinets!"

- David Shifrin

Carnegie Hall
New York
Colorado State University
New York
Yale School of Music
University of Michigan
Eastman School of Music
University of Western Michigan
New York

"It is such a pleasure to hear the AdZel Duo. Their music making is incisive and shows a great spirit of musical imagination and invention.  Mariam and Stephanie are virtuoso players in their own right, but together, their energy is undeniable and compelling. I have always called performing clarinet duos as 'buddy music,' the AdZel Duo proves it. Congratulations!!"

                                                                                                                         -Ricardo Morales