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Explore the possibilities of new dialogues through music

We offer remote and in-person residencies to universities, success programs, and other forward-thinking institutions and organizations around the world. From immersive clarinet seminars to multi media recitals and concertos, AdZel residencies include not only music,  but career talks and conversations on building social bridges. We help people learn effective and expressive communication, productivity, and collaboration, so that ideas can get out to their audiences. Residencies can range in length from an half an hour to multiple days or visits. Contact us to find out what's right for you.

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Innovation through sound

Attending our concerts is more than sitting in an audience and listening to the clarinet. It is a thought provoking and immersive experience. Combining spoken word, improvisation, standard repertoire, and some of the freshest music on the classical music scene, we are bringing an original voice to concert halls around the world.

A Commitment to Education

Comprised of two committed university professors, AdZel is redefining the paradigm of education for a new generation of performers. We believe that instead of a top-down method of teaching, pedagogy can combine the highest standard of musical excellence with open communication. AdZel believes that everyone has a voice and that music can transcend differences. We are committed to outreach and engagement for all communities. We also feel that being a dynamic performer starts with being an engaged and informed citizen of the world. 

Our Mission

Our mission is unity and empowerment. We want to challenge our students and audiences alike to expand their horizons and to explore new cultures and conversations. In a world of shifting paradigms, this is an exciting time for collaboration and unity. We believe that music has the ability to heal old wounds and start new conversations. Contact us to explore how we can work with your program. 

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