The AdZel Duo is now programming exciting concerts for the 2021-2022 season. Our repertoire is a combination of traditional works for two clarinets and newly commissioned works that are becoming standards already in the clarinet repertoire. Many of these pieces are available in smaller ensemble versions to suit the needs of concert halls in the time of COVID-19.

(* denotes an original piece written for the AdZel Duo)

Two Clarinets and Orchestra

Sergio Delgado Concerto for Two Clarinets * (World Premiere 2021)

Anne Guzzo The Color of Honey Suite for Two Clarinets and Strings * (World Premiere 2021)

Jason Barabba Dreams of the Recovery Period *

Franz Krommer Concertos for Two Clarinets, Op. 35 and 91

Carl Stamitz Concerto for Two Clarinets

Franz Anton Hoffmeister Concerto for Two Clarinets and Orchestra

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto for Two Clarinets, Two Oboes, and Strings 

Felix Mendelssohn Concert Pieces Op. 113 & 114

Gioachino Rossini Concerto for Two Clarinet in E-flat Major


Two Clarinets and Wind Ensemble

Scott McAllister Freebirds

Amilcare Ponchielli Il Covegno, Op. 76

Felix Mendelssohn Concert Piece, Op. 114 with Wind Band

Theresa Martin Double Take


Two Clarinets Alone  

Mauricia Murcia Colombian Dances

Francis Poulenc Sonata for Two Clarinets

Paquito D’ Rivera Contradanza

Sergio Delgado Tres Invenciones Latinas *

Anne Guzzo Color of Honey *

Anne Guzzo Antelope Pavane *

Anton Stadler Duo for Two Clarinets

Ingrid Stolzel The Outer from the Inner *

Forrest Pierce The Book of the Queendom *

Jason Barabba Catawampus *

Bernhard Crusell Duos 

Gary Schocker Sonata no. 2

Thierry Escaich Ground VI 

Philippe Hersant Ten Duos 

Jennifer Bellor All Rivers at Once *

Michele Mangani Galanta Dances for Two Clarinets

Theresa Martin Oasis 


Two Clarinets and Guitar

Anne Guzzo The Butterfly and The Ocelot


Two Clarinets and Piano

Sarah Feigin Fantasia

Ernesto Cavallini La Bacana

Antonio Fraioli Spirit Freilach*

Istvan Kohan Konzertstück á la Feidman 

Michele Mangani Concertpiece for Two Clarinets and Piano

Bela Kovacs Greetings from the Balkans